Friday, April 27, 2012

IRC command help

The goal of this post is to play with some IRC commands.

To Register your nickname:
/msg nickserv register [password] []
You should substitute an actual password for [password] and actual email address for [].  You don't need the "["brackets"]".

To identify yourself to IRC nickserv:
If your nickname is registered you can use the following command to identify to it (ensure your current nickname is that of the one you want to identify to):
/msg nickserv identify [password]
You should substitute an actual password for [password].

There are actually a number of ways to identify to a nickname. You can also identify to a nickname that you are not using at the time.
/nickserv identify [nicknamepassword

/nickserv identify PeanutButter ILovePeanutButter

To change your password:
/msg nickserv set password [YourNewPassword]

To enforce users to identify your nickname with password to protect from identity theft:
/msg nickserv set secure ON

To remove nickname currently in use:
If somehow you close your IRC but didn't get a chance to disconnect from server then server believes you are still online and you cannot use it until server recognizes it. Use following command to resolve this problem.
/nickserv ghost [nickname] [password]
For example, if your nickname is "abc123" and password is "xyz123", then command to use is as follows:

/nickserv ghost abc123 xyz123

How do I check if a nickname is registered or identified
To check if a nickname is already registered, or if someone is identified to a nickname, use the command:
   /ns info nickname

How do I change my email address?
/ns set email password email@address repeatemail@address

Somebody is on my nickname - how can I recover it?
First type:
/ns recover yournickame yourpassword

and then type:
/ns release yournickname yourpassword

After this you can just get back on your nickname.

How can I view what channels I have access in?
/ns alist

How do I view information about my nickname?
 /ns info nickname all

Alternatively, you can use following command:
/nickserv info nickname

/nickserv info PeanutButter

How do I stop people using my nickname?
First ensure that your nickname is registered! To prevent people from using your nickname without identifying to it you must set protection on your nickname. The best settings is to use 'Quick kill', which will give users 20 seconds to identify after which their nickname will be changed. To do this use:

/ns set kill quick

"I forgot my password". How to recover it?
Keep in mind that passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

/nickserv sendpass [nick] [email address]

The email address that you specify must match the email address that we have on file for the nickname in question.