Monday, November 16, 2009

How to use ClamAv Antivirus on Ubuntu?

This tutorial will explain you, how to Install and use ClamAv Antivirus on Ubuntu. ClamAv antivirus is a free antivirus, available in ubuntu repository.

To install ClamAv antivirus and GUI to manage it on ubuntu 9.10,  use Ubuntu Software Center to install "KlamAV".  KlamAV is an anti-virus manager for the KDE desktop. It allows virus scanning, software/update databases, etc.

I am using "KlamAV" as a GUI tool to manage and use ClamAV antivirus.  You can also use "clamtk" as a GUI to use CLAMAV in Gnome or KDE.
Use following command to install "clamtk"
sudo apt-get install clamtk

Once it is installed on your machine,  then install anti-virus updater, so that you can get  latest update of ClamAV from Internet.
sudo apt-get install clamav-freshclam

Use command "sudo freshclam" to update ClamAV database. 
To check the version of ClamAV use following Command:
clamdscan -V

To do command line scanning:
1.  To scan specific folder:
     sudo clamscan -r /home/directoryname/subdirectory
     Above command will display the name of files in subdirectory on the screen. You can use -i parameter to display only infected files. 
2.  To scan all files on your computer
      sudo clamscan  -r   --bell  -i   /
     Above command will display only infected files and will bell the ring when virus found.
3. To remove infected file from your computer
    sudo clamscan -r -remove /

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