Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Build Lobo browser on Ubuntu 10.04

 1. Eclipse SDK for Java.
 2. IzPack ( Download cross platform installation jar file.

1. Create a sudirectory "XAMJ_Project" in /opt folder.  In linux, /opt belongs to root user so you may need to change the owner of /opt folder, so that write operation will be allowed.

2. Install IzPack in "/opt/IzPack". for installation of IzPack at command prompt run the command: java -jar IzPack-install-x.x.x.jar.

3. Open Eclipse and change workspace path to "/opt/XAMJ_Project".

4. Now choose the Project Explorer (Window->Show View -> Project Explorer).

5. Right click in project explorer and select New -> Project -> CVS  - > Project from CVS.
6. When prompted for server details fill out the server details as given in step 3 of Lobo Eclipse build instruction page.   
Repository path: /cvsroot/xamj
User: anonymous
Password: [leave blank]
Connection type: pserver

  7.  Next, select "Use an existing module" option.

  8.  Then select 8 modules from the XAMJ_Project folder for basic web browser build.  You can choose all modules.  eight modules I choose were as follows:    

  • Common
  • cssparser
  • HTML_Renderer
  • Platform_Public_API
  • Platform_Core
  • Primary_Extension
  • XAMJ_Build
  • IzPack_RegistryPanel
 9. Next select the version of repository and check out.

 10.  Now right click on "IzPack_RegistryPanel" select "Properties" . Then select "Java Build Path".  select the "Libraries" tab. 

  11. If you see cross for some libraries then its bcoz of the wrong path. As we have already installed IzPack, search for files in /opt/Izpack/lib or /opt/IzPack/bin/Panel, and correct the paths of library files. 

  12. Now configure "Run Configuration" for your Java Application project. Please see the README.txt file in Platform_Core for instructions, and set VM Variable and Program Variable in the Arguments tab according to the README.txt file.  Also set the  Project name and Main class name in the Main tab.  The name of the main class is org.lobobrowser.main.EntryPoint .

13. Now apply your setting and run the project. It should work. If it doesn't then right click on IzPack_Registry Panel and add libraies: xpp3-, and You can search and download these libraries if they are not present.


  1. This post was tremendously helpful to me. For others out there working with the Lobo source, I observed that you also need to add js.jar to the build path for the HTML_Renderer project.

    Thanks so much!

  2. So I have done everything but step 12 because mine doesn't show up as one project, each module shows up as an individual project. Is there a simple fix for this?