Friday, July 19, 2013

Creating a patch to checked-in for Mozilla

To create a patch that can be easily checked-in by others make following settings on your computer.

Create .hgrc file in HOME directory (such as "/home/username"), if its not already created. Add following code to it.


diff = -p -U 8
qdiff = -p -U 8
qnew = -U


mq =

Save file and close it.

To generate a patch on HG (mercurial) repository:
$ hg diff  >  patchfilename

Discarding all local changes done in the HG (mercurial) repository:
$ hg revert -a

Use Mercurial Queuing extension to generate a patch for checked in:
# setup the patch queue directory (Deprecated in 1.5)
hg qinit

# create a new patch named firstpatch
hg qnew firstpatch

# edit some files
vi filename

# update the patch to contain your changes
hg qrefresh -m "Bug XXXXX - Testing message that goes with patch"

# vi .hg/patches/firstpatch to see the result
# print the current patch to the screen
hg qdiff

# make some more changes
vi filename

# see the differences not yet stored in the patch
hg diff

# update the patch
hg qrefresh

# Look at the patches you have applied
# Look at all the patches in the queue
hg qapplied
hg qseries

# remove the top patch
hg qpop

# apply the patch again
hg qpush

# remove all patches
hg qpop -a

# apply all patches
hg qpush -a

# Output all applied patches as a single patch
hg diff -r qparent:qtip

# update the commit message on a patch
hg qrefresh -m "New Message"

# Convert all applied patches into permanent changesets
hg qfinish -a

Patch to Upload on Bugzilla:
It is available in the following folder location:

Or you can also use following command ot generate a patch to upload:
hg export qtip  > path_to_temp_patches/patchFileName.patch

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