Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Find Email Address Source?

You might receive a lot of emails from your friends. In this tutorial we will learn how to verify that the email you received is actually from your friend and not a fake email. Attackers can easily send fake email using websites such as "".

1. Select an email that you want to trace.
2. Get its full headers. For example in GMail you need to click "More" options button next to "reply" button and select "Show original" option.
3. Copy all headers from top till the To field.
4. Open either "" and paste headers into the headers text-area.
5. Click on the "Get Source" button to get IP address of the source.
6. You can use WhoIs service ( to get more information about IP address. Copy paste IP address found in the step 5 and Click on the "Go" button to get more information about the source of the IP address.

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