Wednesday, July 17, 2013

OpenVAS Statup script for Kali linux

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Following simple commands are useful to start openVAS on Kali linux.

Create a file "" and copy paste following contents:


## Script by PATIL Kailas
echo -e "Script to run openVAS by PATIL Kailas.\n"

##Setting up nvt sync
echo "Syncing NVT Database..."

#echo "Updating SCAP Data Feed"

#echo "Updating CERT Feed.."

## Starting Services

echo "Starting OpenVAS Services..."

/etc/init.d/./greenbone-security-assistant start

/etc/init.d/./openvas-scanner start

/etc/init.d/./openvas-administrator start

/etc/init.d/./openvas-manager start

echo -e "Services Started!\nPlease Login via the Web UI @ and confirm the secuity exception. \nDefault Username is admin and the password is the one you created during setup.\n"

echo -e "Launching WebUI \n"


Save file and run it whenever you want to use openVAS. 


  1. This worked thanks

  2. I am trying multiple options to start openvas but unable to start (just get ERROR)
    root@kali:~# /etc/init.d/openvas-manager start
    Starting OpenVAS Manager: ERROR.

    Also get error at Security Assistant startup:

    Starting Greenbone Security Assistant: ERROR.

    Unable to resolve this issue. If you can help in any way appreciate it.